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Cruising the world . . . 

We are doing our best to be personalized services Travel Agency and will be. Yet, we are not everywhere but you can find us in Copenhagen, Budapest, Cairo, Paris, Sharm Elsheikh, Sharquia & Luxor (cities are in Alphaptical orders)


Octopus Travel

Octopus Travel

Octopus Travel


 We are giving our customers a whole life experience in the destinations we are travelling to. You can choose An Arabic speaking guide “Residents” to be with you during the stay or you can choose a local guide Wether they're Students, Authorized locals, Coaches Or Artists 

Octopus Trips

Octopus Travel

Octopus Travel


 We're offering our customers special trips to discover more about the world, Look at the depth of nature and you will understand everything better   

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