Everything is here, History, architecture, tradition, culture, art, drinks, food and nightlife.
Located on the River Danube, Bratislava is easily accessible. It’ a great place to hang out. The city is safe, friendly, hassle-free and there is always something worth doing; whether you’re here for an afternoon, a week or a year.

Ticket inspection are being done randomly, they can be very aggressive with passengers who did not pay their tickets, please make sure you have a ticket, you validate it once you get in the mean of transportation you are riding, and ask for help if you are lost or one of these steps were interrupted.

Bratislava transportation is divided in 2 zones, mostly you will take the first one as it covers most of the city attractions, we recommend taking the trams whenever possible to avoid the traffic jams where buses are always exposed to:-

Basic fares
15 minute one-journey ticket costs EUR 0.70 (no transfer possible)
60 minute transfer ticket costs EUR 0.90
Children up to 6 years of age ride for free.
Children between 6 and 15 years of age ride with a 50% discount.
60 minute transfer ticket is valid for 90 minutes during weekends and holidays.

The ticket duration corresponds to scheduled trip duration (i.e., in case of traffic delays, the 15 minute ticket is sufficient for a scheduled 15 minute ride even if the ride takes longer).

Value fares
1 day transfer ticket costs EUR 4.50
2 day transfer ticket costs EUR 8.30
3 day transfer ticket costs EUR 10
1 week transfer ticket costs EUR 15

Important lines
From Main train station to downtown/city centre: X13 – get off at Hodzovo nam.

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