The public transport system is definitely one of Vienna’s good points. Cheap, frequent, fast, clean, efficient, relatively safe and rarely overcrowded.

o The Vienna time card
o The Vienna visitor Card (includes various discounts)

How the system works
The four main forms of transport are U-Bahn (subway), Schnellbahn or S-Bahn (local train), Straßenbahn (tram) and Autobus (bus).

Vienna works on an honesty system. There are no ticket barriers at stations and no formal ticket checks on trains, trams and buses. You just hop on and off unchallenged. This doesn’t mean public transport is free, though. You need to buy a ticket.

Leaving the ethics aside for the moment, a lack of formal ticket checks does not mean there are no ticket checks. You may suddenly find the unassuming gentleman next to you whipping out his transport authority ID and asking to see everyone’s “Fahrschein.” A fine and a the cost of the ticket is to be paid immediately
Single ticket is 2.20 Euro, one direct trip, valid for all the transportation means in Vienna

24Hours ticket 7.60 Euro
48Hours ticket 13.30Euro
72Hours ticket 16.50Euro

Weekly Ticket is 16. (valid from Monday 00.01 till 0900 next Monday regardless to the date ticket bought on)
There are different kind of tickets called Vienna city card, which allows you of using the public transportation as well as some discounts for sightseeing, however its available as of 13.90 Euro per day but we do not really recommend as the discount you are getting is maximum 2 Euro per sightseeing

Coming by plane to Vienna Airport
Use CAT (city airport train), 16 minutes, non stop to city center for 11euro one way or 19Euro return ticket

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