Egyptians in the world of making pizza

Making a good pizza is an art. But making pizza is hard work too, especially when it involves hours standing by a wooden fire as hot as 400° C, or about 750° F, quickly preparing sometimes hundreds of pizzas per night.

This might be why more Italians are giving up pizza making and handing it over to immigrants. Egyptians, in particular, are big on the business. Like many Mediterranean cultures, Egypt has a long tradition of bread-making, which translates pretty perfectly to making pizza dough. An estimated 20%, or 20,000, of all pizzaioli in Italy are Egyptian. In Milan, in 2010, there were 119 pizza chefs from Egypt and only 31 pizza makers from Campania, the region surrounding Naples.

“I would say about 80 percent of Egyptians who come to work in Italy end up as pizza makers,” Amadeo Al-Wikel, who runs a pizzaria in Rome after emigrating from Cairo 12 years ago, told the Telegraph.

Egyptians seem to have a knack for creating the perfect pie and are running many of the pizza restaurants and takeaways in cities like Rome, Milan and Turin, the Telegraph noted.

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